Ever Dream in 2-Tone (antinazi) wrote,
Ever Dream in 2-Tone

From Larry

This is Larry, and this is my poem....

my ode to lto
well lto if we try
r talents could reach the sky.
your maybe if someone cared
no other band could compare.
"vocals vocals"are pulling us apart
no fuck that we were doomed from the start
month one went off like a gun
everone showed and all was fun
month 2-3 chris never showedup
left us alone to think should we giveup
month 4-5 started playin some shows
lets do more and see how it goes
now here we are nearing the end
weve and hit rock bottom, even losing my friend
its time to move on just let us be
because it is time for lto to R.I.P
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